Thank you for visiting our web page.  We apologize for the rather plain format of this website, this is a law firm, not web page design studio.  The employees of Day Law like to spend our time helping our clients, not polishing our web page.

Day Law is not your typical law firm.  Day Law does not have a “brick and mortar” office, like a lot of other firms.  We don’t pay rent and other overhead that comes with renting space, which allows us to keep our expenses down and helps our bottom line, which allows us to pass those savings on to our clients.

If you are looking for a law firm that has its name on coffee cups, pens, and backpacks, that is not Day Law.  If you are looking for a law firm that makes house calls, is not stuffy and formal, and tries to solve your issues without draining your bank account, then Day Law may be a perfect fit for you.

We represent clients all across the state of Oregon.  From Ashland to Sumpter, Warrenton to Hines, and everywhere in between.

Thank you again for checking us out.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the email link below.